Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Many Many Layouts

Since I unfortunately had to delete my first blog, due to all the photos and info disappearing, I want to add some of the projects I had uploaded onto it.  Here are a few of the layouts I've worked on over the last few months.

I found these old photos of my kids from a Halloween in August celebration at my in-laws campground.  They had so much fun dressing up and parading around.

I love this picture of my mother (on the right) and one of her many cousins as flower girls at her Aunts wedding.  It's hard to imagine the woman I know today this tiny!

This is my oldest son going off to his junior prom. It didn't go the way he had hoped but he looked so handsome in his all white tux.  I love this photo so much that this layout hangs in a frame on my living room wall.

My younger two children are on the autism spectrum.  The cause is very close to my heart.  When they were about 8 and 5 we did the Autism walk in Chicago.  Afterwards we got to walk around and visit different vendors.  The highlight for my daughter was meeting Miss  Illinois

For a few months my youngest son was wanting a bubble bath every night.  He would sit and wait for all the bubbles to disappear before he'd get out.

This is a layout of my daughter at 3 and then at 13.  Hard to believe how much she's grown.  She's now going to be 16!!


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