Sunday, April 3, 2016

Autism Awareness Zoo trip

We love the zoo.  We go many times a year if possible and for any reason.  When we found out that The Brookfield Zoo was doing an Autism Awareness Day we couldn't wait to go.  We have two children that have be diagnosed with it so we support it fully.

I took so many photos this day that I still have a full container! I may add more layouts to this later but for now I'm done.  This first layout gave me a lot of trouble.  No matter what I did with it, it just didn't look right.  I finally just put everything down and glued.  I wasn't sure about it but now that its done, its a keeper.

I decided that this layout would only feature the pictures with my son in them.  I wanted to showcase how proud he was to be participating in the Awareness day and how happy he was to be there.  I think this will always be a place we can take him that will instantly calm him down and make him happy.

For both layouts I used Kiwi Lane Designs templates.  I have fallen in love with the look these create and how they help you use up patterned paper that you never thought you'd use.

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